Unique Magic

Foci (Created by David Cline)
Currently possessed by the Defenders of Thaztilcha
Notes from Isti, Mage of Light:
“I have studied this staff and determined many things. It is of obvious Elven origin and it is called “Foci”. I believe it was created by the elven mage, Friali tel Templa, Tura (Dark Shadow the Magic Master), around the year 345 D.R. It was once an ancient and powerful elven artifact, though it seems this power has decayed since it’s last owner. I believe that the wielder had given a part of his own life-force to empower the item. This unique energy seems to leave the staff after some time of non-use. I can say that I am almost positive that it must be fed (for lack of a better term) magical energy of an elven mage. The staff is a powerful item, all of the research I have done points that this item could be as powerful as a Staff of the Magi. I have done some research into the abilities of its wielders and it speaks of the wielder being able to create darkness, blend into shadows and the ability to control the weather. This item deems more research.”Statistics: Staff (can be used as a +1/+1 quarterstaff), Damage 1d6/1d6, Critical x2 on 20, Weight 14 lbs
Description: Foci is a black wooden staff, 4 ½ feet tall, with numerous tiny sigils engraved into its shaft. It is topped off with a skull with two horns coming out of the side of its head. When Foci is used to cast spells the point between the two horns wells up with a darkness and the skulls eyes glow yellow. The skull eyes glow orange when within 50 feet of Illithids.
Alignment: Neutral
Communication: None
XP Gain: If the wielder doesn’t give Foci any XP, Foci will remain dormant at its base level.
Requirements:****** This staff is only usable by an elf (or Half-Elf)capable of casting arcane spells******
Base Level:

  • No Charge: Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Silent Portal(Source: Magic of Faerun)
  • One Charge: Burning Hands (Dark-fire) (5d4 points of damage, DC13), Darkness, Darkvision, Obscuring Mist
  • Constant: Foci gives the wielder spell resistance of 5. If this is willingly lowered, however the staff can only be used to absorb arcane spell energy directed at its wielder exactly like a Rod of Absorption (Page196 DMG). The staff use spell levels as charges, not as spell energy usable by a spellcaster. If the staff absorbs spell levels beyond its charge limit (50), it explodes as if a Retributive Strike had been made (see DMG). Note that the wielder has no idea how many spell levels are cast at her, for the staff does not communicate this knowledge as a rod of absorption does. Absorbing Spells is risky, but absorption is the only way this staff can be recharged.
  • Special: Retributive Strike: Foci can be broken for a retributive strike. Such an act must be purposeful and declared by the wielder. All charges in the staff are released in a 30-foot spread. All within 10 feet of the broken staff take hit points of damage equal to 8 times the number of charges in the staff, those between 11 feet and 20 feet away take points equal to 6 times the number of charges, and those 21 feet to 30 feet distant take 4 times the number of charge. Successful Reflex saving throws (DC 17) reduce the damage by half.


Level XP Cost Powers Activated
1 1,600 Mage Hand (No Charge), Amplify (Source: Magic of Faerun) (No Charge)
2 3,600 Prestidigitation (No Charge), Flaming Sphere (Dark-fire)(1 Charge), Spell Resistance 8
3 6,400 Wall of Fire (Dark-fire) (1 Charge), Obscuring Mist (Moves to No Charge)
4 10,000 Solid Fog (1 Charge), Darkness (Moves to No Charge), Spell Resistance 12
5 14,400 Fire Ball (Dark-Fire) (1 Charge) (10d6 points of damage, DC 13), Burning Hands (Move to No Charge)
6 19,600 Fire Shield (Dark-fire) (1 Charge), Darkvision and Flaming Sphere (Dark-fire)(Move to No Charge), Spell Resistance 16
7 25,600 Control Weather (2 Charges), Acid Fog (2 Charges)
8 32,400 Shadow Walk (2 Charges), Incendiary Cloud (2 Charges), Spell Resistance 20


Gnawl’s Fang (Created by David Cline)
Currently possessed by Rhynn Dohn of Alden Minor

Gnawl’s Fang has had several names in its long history. It is believed to have originated in the Underdark near Waterdeep, and was first seen on the surface in the “City of Splendors”. Gnawl was a half-orc adventurer, who is the first known surface dweller to wielder the weapon. The weapon has gone through several other wielders until it was lost several years ago.Statistics:Falchion, Damage 2d4, Critical 16-20/X2, Weight 17 lbs, Slashing
Description:Gnawl’s Fang is slightly larger than most falchions; the blade is made of adamantine. The grip is wound is black leather. The pommel is crafted into the shape of a hooded cobra with ruby eyes. The Weapon is perfectly balanced and easy to handled.
Communication: Gnawl’s Fang does not communicate with it wielder
XP Gain: If the wielder doesn’t give Gnawl’s Fang any XP, Gnawl’s Fang will remain dormant at its base level

Level XP Cost Powers Activated
0 Base Falchion +1, Keen
1 1,600 Throwing
2 3,600 Falchion +2
3 6,400 Flaming
4 10,000 Falchion +3
5 14,400 Returning
6 19,600 Falchion +4
7 25,600 Flaming Burst
8 32,400 Falchion +5