~1000 DR

  • Alden Minor is founded

1347 DR

  • Dali Morninglord moves to Alden Minor to lead the faithful of Lathander
  • Sir Halsen Tilinor joins the House of Lords

1349 DR

  • Sir Jessian Thornhart joins the House of Lords
  • Mesak Standabur becomes leader of the Blue Cloaks

1350 DR

  • Lady Jet Standabur of Procampur joins the House of Lords

1352 DR

  • Lady Jessa takes over The Men’s Club

1353 DR

  • Banquo’s Smithy opens for business

1354 DR

  • Death of Davis of Calimshan (mysterious circumstances)
  • Sir Resmond joins the House of Lords

1355 DR

  • Battle of the Yellow Rose
  • Clan Blueboot unofficially merges with Alden Minor
  • Krasswencore BattleLord joins the House of Lords

1356 DR

  • Galian Redlion suffers a stroke and steps down from the House of Lords
  • Lady Tamara Redlion joins the House of Lords
  • Clan Blueboot officially merges with Alden Minor

1357 DR

  • Aboa’s Shop of Oddities opens for business
  • Alissaria the Beautiful takes over The Tankard’s Tear
  • Crayton’s Draconic Library opens for business
  • Specialty Potions opens for business

1358 DR

  • Blue Dragon strafes the city – most of its attention seemed to be centered on Crayton’s Draconic Library

1361 DR

  • Gond’s Armor opens for business
  • Greston of Phlan moves to Alden Minor and begins acquiring various businesses

1362 DR

  • Hailie Truearm becomes Greston of Phlan’s bodyguard

1363 DR

  • Construction begins for The Hall of Gods

1364 DR

  • The Hammers of Justice are formed, sponsored by the retired Blades of Grace
  • The New Warlords of the Bloody Rose are formed, sponsored by the retired Warlord of the Bloody Rose
  • The Shadows fall to gnolls at Hodrinton
  • The Hammers of Justice free Hodrinton and lead the refugees to safety
  • Teeny of the Hammers dies in battle with ghouls
  • Cold War begins between factions of Helm and Tempus
  • The New Warlords of the Bloody Rose disappear, presumed dead
  • Cold War heats up to a seige
  • The Hammers of Justice come into possession of Fort Wayne after putting to rest the spirits haunting the ancient keep
  • Fort Wayne bought by the clergy of Tempus
  • The Hammers of Justice free Clan Ivory Hold
  • War ends between factions of Helm and Tempus when Helmites lose support of the House of Lords
  • Clan Ivory Hold merges with Clan Blueboot
  • The Hammers of Justice disappear while exploring Sehanine’s Way, presumed dead
  • The Hall of Gods is completed and opened to the public
  • The Elven Defenders of Thaztilcha fall to four united tribes of hobgoblins

1365 DR

  • Clergy of Tempus renovate Fort Wayne, making it a College of War

1366 DR

  • Clan Blueboot, revitalized by the merge with Clan Ivory Hold, finds itself in the middle of a baby boom
  • The Blades of Justice are formed under the leadership of Raitalist Dohn

1367 DR

  • Uliessic of Gond takes on an apprentice

1368 DR

  • Hammers of Justice return, bringing tales of traveling an alternate plane and a newly ressurected Teeny.
  • Rhynn Dohn of the Hammers retires, marrying a local girl and opening Out of the Blue.
  • Hammers of Justice conduct a series of strikes against the hobgoblin forces occupying Thaztilcha, resulting in the annihilation of one of the four tribes and unearthing their secret leadership: doppelgangers and beholders.
  • Kalendar of the Hammers dies in battle with a Beholder
  • An ancient black dragon attacks the town, and is slain after causing signifigant property damage and loss of life. Rumors abound that the creature headed the force that once occupied Thaztilcha, and that its attack was a reaction to the Hammers’ ongoing campaign to liberate the city.
  • Thorn Galanodel of the Hammers disappears
  • The Blades of Justice disappear, presumed dead

1369 DR

  • A new group of Elven Defenders of Thaztilcha arrives from Evermeet, with Thorn Galanodel of the Hammers at their head. Together with the Hammers, they reclaim the city ruins.

1370 DR

  • A minotaur runs amuck in Out of the Blue, killing several patrons and guards before being captured and later executed. Rumors say the creature had some connection to Teeny of the Hammers.
  • The Hammers of Justice accompany their last living patron, Roaraiden Truepeace, in a journey to the Silverymoon area. In their absence, the homes and businesses of the Hammers and their relatives are attacked. Among the dead is Talist of Daggerdale. Upon their return, the House of Lords holds the Hammers of Justice responsible for these and other attacks. The House of Lords requests that the Hammers leave town, taking their enemies with them. The Hammers respond with open defiance, decrying the House as corrupt and shortsighted.



Alden Minor’s origin is clouded in mystery, though there are many children’s stories about the founding lords. Some say they were a goodly adventuring group. Others say they were an infamous pirate band.

Most of the population believes that some issue from Alden Minor’s past was resolved in the Battle of the Yellow Mask, though there are great differences of opinion as to exactly what was resolved. Regardless, it was in this battle that the city was attacked and nearly destroyed by a force of gnolls, sea creatures, giants and vampires. Due to the courage of the city guards, dwarven warriors, and many adventurers, the city was saved. Since then, Alden Minor has earned a reputation as one of the premier places to train as a warrior, as well as becoming a principal exporter of mercenaries.