Simplified 2e

I’ve decided to put together a Simplified version of AD&D 2nd Edition, primarily to help streamline my current AD&D campaign – The Outsiders.  This won’t be a complete overhaul, and it won’t be an attempt to re-create AD&D in 3e.  But, it will use the OGL d20 mechanic to make things easier for players and DM alike.

The goals of the “Simplified 2e” project will be:

  • Simplify combat by replacing THAC0 with the OGL d20 mechanic
  • Convert NWP usage to an OGL d20 mechanic
  • Ensure compatibility with existing core AD&D products

The project will not:

  • Implement a Skills or Feats system (i.e., AD&D: Player’s Options, 3e or d20 OGL)
  • Make any changes to the existing AD&D classes
  • Make any changes to Saving Throws
  • Make any changes to weapon damage
  • Make any changes to the AD&D magic system

The project will allow for:

  • Implementation of your own house rules, based on its overall compatibility with the existing AD&D rules

The project will produce:

  • Updated rules in a PDF format
  • Updated character sheet