Q&A with David Cline, creator of Alden Minor

Why did you come up with Alden Minor?

I wanted to create a location in Faerun that wasn’t already established. I didn’t want to have a location that all the events, and future, had been planned out. I wanted a place that had all the elements of the Forgotten Realms, yet still had enough surprises to sustain multiple games.

Where did the name Alden Minor come from?

The creation of Alden Minor is actually two different stories. First Alden came from “Walden,” by Henry David Thoreau. I had first started creating “Alden” as a small town that just wanted peace, but unfortunately peace never lasts. I have also thrown in a little civil disobedience just to make it interesting.

“Minor” basically was meant to represent the size and standing of Alden Minor in the scope of the lands of Faerun. Which also became somewhat inaccurate, as over the years it has become a city, a hub of activity.

How big do you want Alden Minor to get?

I think the city is big enough for now, in game terms, although I think it would be cool for the town to get defined and built up to the standard that Raven’s Bluff has attained. In that sense, I don’t see a limitation on how big Alden Minor could get, and I hope to never get there.

Would you want other groups to use Alden Minor for their games?

VERY MUCH SO! (Editor’s note: To this effect, the Alden Minor Sourcebook is considered Open Game Content and is covered by the terms of the OGL)
I think it would be cool to hear about other groups outside of mine that used this setting to create their own adventures. In fact, I would like the opportunity to post other adventures, characters, and journals on the site. Submittals from outside sources are more than welcome.

What is the ultimate goal?

Have fun; I think that has always been the goal. I also would love to see Alden Minor on an official D&D map, but I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.