Alden Minor is a mid-sized city in Faerun, the “Forgotten Realms.” The city was created by Dave “Invy” Cline. The town was the centerpiece of a 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign that ran from 2002 – 2005. The party quickly became known as the “Hammers of Justice”, and experienced an amazing set of adventures woven by Invy.

As the original campaign sunset, a second one (called “Crimson Dawn”) was started – though it was eventually halted due to various personal commitments of the players and DM. The group merged two groups of long-term friends, and the entire group remains close to this day.

During that time we also started a d20 Modern campaign and became friends with the guys at 12 to Midnight. This site and blog serves as a place for us to share our campaign stories and the resource of Alden Minor; as well as an opportunity to share our current games.