People of Note

House of Lords (Members of the Ruling Council)

Krasswencore BattleLord: (Fighter 15/Aristocrat 1)
Reputation: Rude, Speaks what is on his mind, representative for the dwarves population, argumentative
Krass is the leader of Blueboot Clan and member of the “House of Lords”, they have integrated their whole clan into the cities population. He has changed along with his people, when he first to the role of the leader of the Blueboot Clan he fully opposed the integration. Now he understands that it has saved his clan from annihilation. He has learned from his second in command and best friend Tals Brightfoot. Even though when they first met they were bitter enemies. Each of them believed they knew what was best for the Clan after much argument and debate. They have assumed and partnership were Krass leads and Tals advises. This is not to say they don’t still argue about most issues. Joined the council 1363 DR.

Sir Resmond, Merchant of the Lands: (Expert 9)
Reputation: Friendly, out-going, aggressive marketer, con-artist, dangerous man, argumentative, kiss-up, back stabber
Resmond is the newest member of the “House of Lords”. He is a younger merchant, he took over for Sir Davius of Calisham. Davius was found dead by the docks, mystery still surrounds his death. Resmond is the leader of the newly created Merchant’s Guild. He is known for be aggressive and works hard to get what he wants. He disagrees with several of the members on many issues. Joined the council is 1367 DR.

Lady Tamara Redlion: (Aristocrat 4)
Reputation: Strong willed, judgmental, hard-headed debater, gets her way a lot, flirty, ice queen, argumentative, abuses her power
Tamara took over the Redlion’s Seat in the “House of Lords” the day after her father suffered a stroke. The other members of the council disagreed with her being there. She refused to give up the Redlion’s seat and with Sir Thiden’s assistance became the youngest member of the council. She is headstrong just like her father and has proven to be an excellent debater. In the years since, she has earned the respect of her peers. Joined the council is 1364 DR.

Lady Jet Standabur of Procampur: (Fighter 9/Aristocrat 2)
Reputation: Seasoned Warrior, can use any sword perfectly, comes from an upper class family, mean, unforgiving.
Jet used to be the leader of the fighter’s guild. She now specializes in the issues of the city guilds including the newest one (thieves). She is in close contact with each of the leaders of the guilds and many important members. She is married to the leader of the Blue Cloaks Mesak Standabur Joined the council in 1361 DR.

Sir Jessian Thornhart: (Aristocrat 11)
Reputation: Most eligible bachelor in Alden Minor, wild, foolishly brave, handsome, well educated, some people still think he has ties to the black market (slavery)
Thornhart is one of the oldest families in Alden Minor. The Thornhart’s have always had a seat on the “House of Lords” It is said that a Thornhart created the “House of Lords” and they are related to one of the founding fathers. Jessian is popular with the ladies and distrusted by most of the men. He has become one of the more influential nobleman. Even though rumors of his family being involved with slavery still persist. Jessian has kept a mask of secrecy surrounding his house, which has only fueled the fire. Joined the council in 1357 DR.

Sir Thiden the True Sage: (Wizard 10/Loremaster 10)
Reputation: Powerful mage, renown sage, impatient, more interested in research than the city.
Thiden is a member of the “House of Lords”. It is also known that he is the one member that doesn’t always make it to the meetings. He has a four-story tower to the northeast of town. He still sells spells even though the Mages Guild of Baldur’s Gate have told him to stop. He fought the creation of a Mage’s Guild in Alden Minor, and continues to sell spells in competition against them despite their warnings to stop.

Sir Halsen Tilinor: (Paladin 7/Aristocrat 4)
Reputation: Knight, just leader, military genius, most friendly man in Alden Minor, competent leader
Halsen is the current leader of the “House of Lords”. Halsen grew up in Alden Minor and was given knighthood in Waterdeep, after adventuring there for awhile. He also a member of the Lathander faith. Joined the council in 1346 DR.

Sir Gregory Goldentree (Paladin 9)
Reputation: Knight of the House of Lords, uptight, paladin
Sir Gregory is a Knight given that station for his bravery during the “War of the Yellow Mask”, He is a direct extension of the Law of the House of Lords and acts as their ambassador for many activities


Noble Estates (Lords and Ladies)

Gaynor Estate:
Reputation: Bitter, powerful in the ship business, pirates

  • Verence Gaynor: (Aristocrat 5/Expert 4)
    Reputation: Strong minded, good captain, businessman, pirate
    Verence is the leader of the Gaynor estate, he is traveling about 5 months out of the year. He was away on a shipping expedition when Galian Redlion suffered a stroke and had to step down from his place in the House of Lords. By the time Verence returned home, Tamara Redlion had already claimed the position. Since then, Verence has publicly stated that he believes that it was his rightful position and that she should step down.

Greston Estate:

  • Greston of Phlan: (Fighter 5 Expert 10)
    Reputation: Nobleman, thrill seeker, explorer, part-time adventurer, harsh businessman
    Greston moved here form Phlan in 1358 DR, buying a large home in the center of town. He then proceeded to buy several businesses. He is also known for being a well trained swordsman, he has gone on several expeditions to recover items of interest to him. Greston has two main assistants one that deals with his businesses Dagin of the Moonshae Isles and the other which is his personal bodyguard Hallie Truearm.
  • Hailie Truearm: (Fighter 13)
    Reputation: Strongest woman alive, overly protective, non-talkative, unnatural, scary
    In 1362 DR, Greston started traveling with Hailie. She has since become his bodyguard. She is one of the strongest people in the city. She is always at his side and always alert.
  • Dagin of the Moonshae Isles: (Expert 12)
    Reputation: Viscous businessman, unforgiving, heartless, fearless debater
    Dagin runs the businesses that Greston owns. He is feared as a businessman.

Hadrinn Estate:
Reputation: Haughty, over-bearing nobility

  • Lady Autsa Hadrinn: (Aristocrat 9)
    Reputation: Matriarch of the Hadrinn family, abusive, manipulative
    Autsa is the oldest living member of the Hadrinn family.

Herron Estate:
Reputation: Quiet, mysterious

  • Telaran Herron: (Cleric of Oghma 3)
    Reputation: Quiet, timid, shy
    Telaran and his family are quiet folk. They seem to like to be left alone. The only thing that they do seem to do on a regular basis is to go is to the Shrine of Oghma.

IronClad Estate:
Reputation: Long breed of powerful warriors, kind, just, not caring to lower class people

  • Sir Oben Ironclad, aka The Great Warrior(Fighter 11/Aristocrat 4)
    Reputation: Knight, powerful, dedicated, man of justice
    Oben is the head of the Ironclad estate, he is considered one of the hero’s of the “War of the Yellow Mask”. He led a small band of fighter against the gnolls in attempts to save all the dwarves. He was successful at saving many of them. He also covered the dwarves retreat to within the walls of the Alden Minor.

Redlion Estate:

  • Lady Tamara Redlion
    See House of Lords

Thornhart Estate:

  • Sir Jessian Thornhart
    See House of Lords
  • Mithis Forestfall of Evermeet: (Bard 6)
    Reputation: Excellent storyteller, mysterious, liar
    Mithis is an older moon elf that works for the Thornhart estate. He spends a lot of his time speaking to groups of young children, telling stories about the past of Alden Minor. Most people dismiss this as tall tales made up by an old man. However, there are those who find Mithis’ accounts uncannily detailed. If the stories are indeed true, Mithis has never explained how he came about his knowledge.

Tilinor Estate:

  • Sir Halsen Tilinor
    See House of Lords

Temples and Shrines (Priests and Clergy)

Hall of Gods

  • Shrine of Cyric
    • Lord Marcus of Cyric: (Cleric of Cyric 5)
      Reputation: Evil, Mad, Must be from Zenthil Keep
      For years, Marcus petitioned the “House of Lords” to build a Temple to Cyric. No one took him seriously. However, his efforts were finally rewarded with a shrine in the Hall of Gods.
  • Shrine of Sune
    • Elderon Massis: (Bard 4/Cleric of Sune 5)
      Reputation: Elderly, retired priest from Waterdeep, gifted poet
      Elderon Massis arrived in Alden Minor in 1371 DR, retiring from his priestly duties at the Temple of Sune in Waterdeep. Hearing of the newly constructed Temple of Gods, he decided to spend his retirement away from the fast pace of big-city life. There are those that believe he is actually here to scope out the potential for a Sune following in Alden Minor, using the foothold of the new shrine to leverage into a new congregation. Certainly, Elderon is a charismatic man capable of building a large flock. For the moment, however, he seems content spending most of his days in the Hall of Gods tending to Sune’s shrine and some nights reciting poetry in some of Alden Minor’s more reputable establishments.

Temple of Chauntea

  • Yorlius the Harvester: (Cleric of Chauntea 15)
    Reputation: Hard working, always willing to work in the field
    Yorlius is the high priest of the temple of Chauntea. He is also known for the fact that he is always out helping the farmers. Whether they are a member of his flock or not. Yorlius is also the caretender to the shrine to Silvanus, which is located in the garden’s of Chauntea.

Temple of Helm
Everybody knows that if you have need of a guard, take your business to the temple of Helm. For a price they guard practically anyone or anything. Since the Time of Troubles and the more recent Cold War between the faiths of Helm and Tempus, the church of Tempus has been steadily losing members to the faiths of Tyr and Tempus.

  • Riaus of He of the Unsleeping Eyes: (Cleric of Helm 11)
    Reputation: Competent cleric, very protective of the city, honorary member of the Blue Cloaks
    Riaus is the pastor of the waning temple of Helm. His duties include tending to the shrine of Tyr. Before the congregation of Tempus moved into town, he also tended a shrine of Tempus.

Temple of Lathander

  • Dali Morninglord: (Cleric of Lathander 14)
    Reputation: Kind, insightful man, very proud of Lathander, avid family man
    Dali is the high priest of the temple of Lathander. He and his wife, Mara, moved to Alden Minor in 1351 DR, they have a family of 21, 13 boys and 8 girls. Dali is thinking of moving to a new location to start a new church of Lathander.
  • Daligrin Morninglord (Cleric of Lathander 3)
    Reputation: Just like his father, true believer, young cleric
    Daligrin is the first child of Dali and Mara Morninglord. He has joined the priesthood to follow in his fathers footsteps.

Shrine of Mask
(Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone…)

  • Melas the Dark
    Reputation: not much of one
    Melas is a priest of Mask; he has created a shrine in the sewer of Alden Minor.

Temple of Milil / Shrine of Oghma
The temple of Milil has the fastest growing congregation in the city. Around 1360 DR, it was the smallest. Since then it has steadily grown to the 2nd largest.
Within the shrine of Oghma, a loose-knit collection of educators, artists, and philosophers regularly gather to share ideas and instruct all who come to learn (for a modest tithe, of course). Collectively, they are regarded to be the local Bardic College. This is a bit of a misnomer, however, as they have no formalized curriculum or accreditation.
Also stationed at the temple is a small band (9 warriors and one bard) of the holy warriors known as The Knights of the Harmonious Order”. The Knights work closely with the Blue Cloaks, though they mainly do the bidding of the Temple.

  • Joanius the Glorian: (Cleric of Milil 9)
    Reputation: Charismatic, with a voice of unearthly beauty
    Joanius is the high priest of the temple of Milil. He is an energetic half-elf who loves to spend his free time playing his harp on the large porch of either of his temples. Joanius is also the caretaker of the shrines of Oghma, Waukeen and Denier.
  • Peris of Candlekeep: (Cleric of Oghma 8 )
    Reputation: Scholar, priest of Oghma, very wise for his younger years
    Peris has been spending more and more of his time in Alden Minor. He does some traveling back to Candlekeep. Some people believe he is here to take over the Shrine of Oghma and try to make it into a full temple.
  • Sergio Villa of the Obsidian Order: (Monk 10)
    Reputation: Artist, orator, excellent teacher
    Sergio is one of the original teachers at the bardic college. He is known for his intricate drawings and his flair for words. Most days he can be found sitting in any one of the city’s parks, drawing beautiful things that have caught his eye. He also does astonishing portraits for a fair price. He practices an exotic martial art from the far-distant land of Kara-Tur. Save for the times when Alden Minor was at war, few have seen him practice this deadly yet beautiful art.

Shrine of Umberlee

  • Nuetipen of the Sword Coast: (Commoner 2)
    Reputation: evil man, pirate, no one deserves being put to death more
    Nuetipen is the caretaker of the shrine of Umberlee. Not much is known about the quiet, old man

Government (Public Offices and Officials)

Blue Cloaks (City Guard)

  • Mesak Standabur: (Fighter 13 Aristocrat 1)
    Reputation: Confident, capable, a true leader, very fair man, follower of Helm, believes the Blue Cloaks can handle anything that happens in the city
    Mesak is a warrior and a leader of men, with popularity that rivals that of Sir Halsen Tilinor. He has been the leader of the Blue Cloaks since 1357 DR. He has created several specialty groups within the Blue Cloaks to handle different types of emergencies. He and his wife Jet live in a large house in the middle of town
  • Sergeant Odarn Irongrasp (Fighter 6)
    Odarn is the father of Pamela, Rhynn Dohn’s husband
  • Krag of Alden Minor:
    See Department of Cleansing, below

Blue Lances
Reputation: Glorified Blue Cloaks, pawns of the government, menace, over powered, lawless lawmen
In 1364 DR, Mesak Standabur created an elite group called the “Blue Lances” that were autonomous of the certain laws. Most notably, they were given the right (unlike the Blue Cloaks) to enforce the law on nobility and council members. Where ordinary citizens are concerned, they do not have to follow the standard chain of evidence. They are only accountable to the House Of Lords, who are known to give the Blue Lances free reign in many cases. Though there are some who abuse this special station, the Blue Lances typically do what is best for the city as a whole. They mainly work within the city but on rare occasions they have traveled as far as the Dales.

  • Remmeris ProudHeart: (BL) (Fighter 9)
    Reputation: Proud leader, good man, tries his best, outlaw
    Remmeris is the leader of the Lances, he is also the sole decision maker. He is a strong willed man but he is getting older and sees that his second in command is not the person he wants to take over the group and doesn’t know how to get his men to follow someone else
  • Kordin: (BL) (Rogue 9)
    Reputation: Harsh warrior, second in command, very through, charismatic
    Kordin is a leader, he just doesn’t like laws. He thinks, unlike Remmeris does, that since they are above the laws they shouldn’t even try to follow them. He has been gathering support of the men for his take over.
  • Ferris Themmen: (BL) (Fighter 6)
    Reputation: Good warrior, third in command, yes man, assassin
    Ferris is Kordin’s assistant and the third ranking leader of the Lances. He is a hard working individual.
  • Raine Truefist: (BL) (Cleric of Helm 5)
    Reputation: Healer, fighter priest
    Raine is a priest of Helm, he is a good man and the only healer of the bunch. He is also the man that Remmeris wants to replace him.
  • The “Blue Lance” also consists of 7 other fighters, level ranging from low to mid strength

Department of Cleansing

  • Krag of Alden Minor: (Warrior 2 Expert 4)
    Reputation: Filthy beast, frightening, accident waiting to happen, kind, intelligent
    Krag is an orc. He is in charge of road maintenance, over a staff of 15 which work with and under his command. He is officially a member of the city guard. For a orc his appearance is very well kept


  • Tals Brightfoot of the Blueboot Clan: (Bard 3 Fighter 3)
    Reputation: Almost a pleasant dwarf, some might say optimistic
    Tals is Krasswencore’s official advisor, he and Krass do their best to do right by what is left of their people. Tals likes the company of humans, elves, and gnomes as much as his own people. He loves to hear a good story and will go out of his way to meet adventure hoping to hear a good tale

Office of the Dockmaster

  • Istin Dockkeeper: (Expert 11)
    Reputation: The most organized man in all the city, runs the docks very efficiently
    Istin has been working in and on the Alden Docks all his life. He is thought to be in is early seventies

Public Services

  • Linus: (Commoner 4)
    Reputation: Not much of one
    Linus lights all the lamps of the city, he travels around the city on stilts. During many festivals Linus has dressed as a clown and entertains the crowds. He is also Krag’s best friend they can be found at “Bucky’s Lost Sword” several nights out of the week


Adventurer’s Guild / Thieves Guild

  • Ekishiwin Goldenthought: (Fighter 5 Mage 7 Thief 6)
    Reputation: High Elf, Ex-mage, bitter, but he is still a nice person, arrogant, cripple
    Ekishiwin was a fighter/mage/thief when he lost his right arm to a bout with green slime. He is the first to admit adventuring lifestyle is glamorous, but he also tells of it’s follies. This makes him the perfect leader of the adventuring guild were he collects due and serves drinks, And organizes a large jobs and adventuring board so that adventures can keep in touch. He enjoys his life but many wonder if he wishes he could still be going out searching a secret tomb somewhere.
  • Khan: (Thief 8 Aristocrat 6)
    Reputation: Thief, evil, should be run out of town, he’s the man you go to if you need something done or the right information
    Khan is a quiet man, he is in charge of the newly created Thieves Guild. It is a quiet organization. He has his own lounge in the Adventurers Guild and that is his headquarters.

Fighter’s Guild

  • Kaleb Blindbow: (Fighter 16 Ranger 3)
    Reputation: Excellent teacher, rough and tumble warrior to showy and graceful fighter, checkered past
    Kaleb took over the fighters guild when Jet’s duties to the “House of Lords” demand to much of her time. He has been training anyone and everyone who wants to learn since he has a sense of what type of fighter a person will become and is able to teach accordingly. Alden Minor is becoming known for the fighter that it turns out this is mainly due to Kaleb and his instructors actions. They are in the process of petitioning for a larger building to house their Guild.
  • Danna Morninglord: (Fighter 6)
    Reputation: high-spirited, Nothing like her father
    Danna met Jet through her father Dali because he did not know what to do with her. She was getting in to trouble almost daily. Jet started training her in weapon and teaching her self-control. Danna was a natural she picked up the skills of a fighter extremely quickly. She is a instructor at the fighter’s guild.
  • Kramis Star: (Fighter 12)
    Reputation: Best unarmed fighter in Alden Minor, cheater, psycho, brutally efficient, mean
    Kramis fights in the pits at Bucky’s or teaches unarmed combat at the fighter’s guild. He has a standing record at Bucky’s he has yet to lose a unarmed combat.

Wizard’s Guild

  • Jasipeck the Marvel of Baldur’s Gate: (Mage 17 (Illusionist))
    Reputation: Mage, Gnome, persistent, friendly
    Jasipeck was sent down to Alden Minor to start the creation of a wizards guild and to stop Sir Thiden from selling spells to just anyone.

Businesses (Shops and Merchants)

Aboa’s Shop of Oddities:

  • Aboa Stoapo: (Expert 5)
    Reputation: Weird, hard to understand, foreign, sell interesting and usual items, fairly nice
    In 1362 DR, Aboa moved to Alden Minor from the Jungles of Chult. He brought with him all kinds of trinkets and baubles. He open a small shop “Aboa’s Shop of Oddities”, that specialized in things foreign. He has now branched into the selling of a few magical items.

The Adventurer’s Needs: (Equipment/Supplies)

  • Orthwindar Swordsman: (Warrior 2 Expert 7)
    Reputation: Sells below to average weapons, mean, just plain ugly
    Orthwindar owns the largest adventurer supply shop in the city “The Adventurer’s Needs”. He also sell some of Gavin’s tailored adventuring outfits. He also provides everything a adventure could needs rations, dungeon crawling gear, and items found in all adventurers backpacks. Jet from the “House of Lords” still doesn’t like Orthwindar but even she has admitted that his wares have gone up in quality over the years.

Adventuring Outfits: (Clothing/Tailoring)

  • Kalin the Tailor: (Expert 13)
    Reputation: Excellent tailor, makes wonderful clothing
    Kalin came from Waterdeep originally, while traveling to Calisham he met his present wife, in Alden Minor. He has lived there ever sense. Recently he has created a line of “Adventuring Outfits” which are the rave of Alden Minor.
  • Lashile: (Expert 5)
    Lashile is a tailor at “Adventuring Outfits”
  • Pedro: (Expert 7)
    Pedro is a tailor at “Adventuring Outfits”

Alchemist Springs: (Potions and Alchemical Goods)
This is the place to find all types of tonics and potions.

  • Jeorn Brewer: (Mage 4 Alchemist 12)
    Rep: nice guy, over-priced, schyster
    Jeorn owns and operates this small shop in the New Town District. He sells everything from tonics and natural cure-alls to magical potions.

Badaxe Jewelry: (Gems, Jewelry and Finesmithing)

  • Bubisti Badaxe: (aka Bubba Bad-Crack) (Expert 5)
    Reputation: Tinker, Jewelry Mender, Goofy Dwarf
    Bubisti Badaxe accepted the moniker of “Bubba” when he start taking business from the humans of Alden Minor. An unfortunate heiginic mishap led the the nickname to further mutate into “Bubba Bad-Crack.” He creates all sorts of jewelry pieces, usually working with metals but sometimes with gems and the like.

Banquo’s Smithy: (Blacksmith)

  • Banquo the Smith: (Expert 6)
    Reputation: Fair man, good smith
    Banquo is the local blacksmith, he has been working in Alden Minor since 1364 DR.

Bucky’s Lost Sword: (Tavern/Inn)

  • Talist of Daggerdale: (Expert 5 Commoner 11)
    Reputation: Honest, jovial, hilarious, waters down the drinks
    Talist is a big lug, most say he is to forgiving. He runs the bar “Bucky’s Lost Sword”. It is located by the docks. It is a place the drink and have a good time. No one is a stranger at Bucky’s. Fight used to be abundant, now days the crowd is tamer. But in one section there is “The Pit” it is where “friends can go to punch it out” some say it is a gladiatory combat, but most have come to except it. In the last several years Talist has seen his Bar grow two fold it now has a stage where musician play nightly. This was at the request of several members of the Milil Temple, were he now worships. He does feel sorry for Alissaria because he can see that because his business is doing well hers is hurting.
  • Celeste: (Commoner 13)
    Reputation: Kind
    Celeste is the head barmaid at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Christina: (Commoner 3)
    Reputation: Hothead with straight black hair.
    Christina is a barmaid at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”, she is known for her ability to remember anyone name after meeting then one time.
  • Angie Deston: (Commoner 2)
    Angie is a barmaid at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Damon Deston: (Commoner 4 Expert 2)
    Damon is the bartender at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Angelo: (Expert 6)
    Angelo is the cook at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Marko: (Commoner 1)
    Marko is the page at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Leonard: (Warrior 5 Fighter 3)
    Leonard is a bouncer at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”
  • Vin: (Fighter 6)
    Vin is a bouncer at “Bucky’s Lost Sword”

Cadnor’s Stables: (Equestrian Supplies and Accessories)

  • Cadnor the Horsetender: (Commoner 5 Ranger 3)
    Reputation: enterprising man, seller of fine horses and carts
    Cadnor sells and rents horses and carts. Everything from practical to fancy and expensive is what he specializes in. Also his side business has become a large business His carts that are not being used drive around town ferrying people for a small cost.

Crayton’s Draconic Library:

  • Crayton DragonSpear: (Fighter 19)
    Reputation: Sage on Draconic History, ex-dragon hunter, insane meance to Alden Minor
    Crayton opened up the “Draconic Library” about in 1362 DR. Few noticed or paid much attention until later that year, when a blue dragon strafed the city. The beast hit the store with at least one lightning bolt. Though there was signifigant collateral damage, no one was injured. Many people blames Crayton for bringing about the attention of dragons. It is known that he is highly knowledgeable about dragons and their history. His shop is also known as the top Dragon Hunters supply shop on the coast.
  • Daar of the Icelands: (Fighter 17)
    Reputation: Warrior, dragon hunter, mean
    Daar is a large wall of a man, who acts as the “Draconic Library” security. He has the ability to feel when a dragon is near or so claims. He always enjoys telling stories about the 17 dragon hunting parties he has been on. He has a particular hatred of white dragons.

Gavin’s Winery: (Winery/Brewery)

  • Gavin of “The Order of Dot”: (Expert 15)
    Reputation: Always drunken, makes incredibly fine wines
    Gavin is the town’s best winemaker, he sells wine to anyone for a small price. Many times Alissaira has tired to get Gavin to sell only to her bar, but he always politely refuses her saying, “Wine is one of the most beautiful things that can be shared with your companions, so how could I ever in good faith limit it that way.” He now sales his wine to most of the bars in the surrounding area and there is talk that some of his bottles have made it all the way to Shadowdale

Gond’s Armor: (Armory)

  • Uliessic of Gond: (Expert 9)
    Reputation: Finest armorer in Alden Minor, very fair man, loves to create armor, perfectionist, slow
    Uliessic started his shop, “Gond’s Armor,” in 1358 DR. Since then, he has attempted to keep the business small so he could build every piece himself, in his own time. Despite his efforts, his business and reputation have both grown considerably. In 1367 he took on an apprentice, a young human girl, to allow himself more time for specialty work.
    Rumor has it that he has been working on a special suite of armor – perhaps something magical.

Gaynor Shipping Company: (Overwater Transport)
Reputation: Merchant Ships, Honest, Pirates.
Owned by Verence Gaynor (See Noble Estates, Gaynor Estate, above), the Gaynor Shipping Company maintains a fleet of 8 Longships, 2 Great Galleys and a Single Galleon. They travel mostly in or around the Sword Coast, but have been known to travel as far as Calimshan and The Shaar.

MapMaker: (Cartography, Guide)

  • Tra (Expert 6)
    Reputation: guide to Alden Minor, Mapmaker, knows how to get anything for anyone.
    This young man is well known for his ability to take perfect strangers to Alden Minor and rapidly get them familiar enough with the city to get around on their own. He is also know as the person to go to when you need anything. If he can’t get it, he often knows who can.

The Men’s Club: (Whorehouse)

  • Lady Jessa: (Expert 3 Rogue 6)
    Reputation: Beautiful and merciless businesswoman, runs several illegal businesses, kinky
    Lady Jessa took over the “Men’s Club” in 1365 DR, when the former owner left to go adventuring. The “Men’s Club is a establishment that tends to the needs of men for a price. Many people say that it is also the front for many other illegal activities but nothing was ever been proven

Mystic Fortunes:
For a price, learn your future.

  • Lady Quail the Mystic of Fortunes: (Commoner 4 Sorcerer 3)
    Reputation: Fortune-teller, psychic, witch

Out of the Blue: (Tavern/Inn; occasionally referred to as The Flaming Falchion, for the owner’s weapon)
Reputation: Welcoming Inn & Tavern, Family Run, Fair Prices & Good Food, Prone to Being Attacked
Owned and operated by Rhynn and Pamela Dohn, Out of the Blue is a relatively new inn located in the New Town District. It is run by an adventurer, Rhynn Dohn, and his wife Pamela. Out of the Blue serves a multi-cultural clientelle (and has often employeed individuals of various races), but is most frequented by humans and dwarves. To this end they prepare food and drink to to suit as many tastes as possible. They are known to brew their own ales, wines and spirits and cook a wide selection of foods, often featuring exotic and wild game. All are welcome at Out of the Blue.
Out of the Blue is working to restablish itself as a center of activity during festival times. This reputation had taken a turn for the worse due to several attacks made on the building and the owners’ other interests. The attacks are believed to have been conducted by enemies made during Rhynn’s adventuring days.

  • Rhynn Dohn, Hammer of Justice, retired Blue Cloak (Fighter 8 Sorcerer 6)
    Reputation: Good cook and able brewer, stubborn, tenacious, friendly, extremely protective of family, has a flaming falchion
    Rhynn grew up in Bucky’s Lost Sword, a tavern run by his uncle, dreaming of one day opening an inn and tavern of his own. He met his wife, Pamela, while working at Bucky’s.
    NOTE: See Rhynn’s Entry in the Hammers of Justice section for more information
  • Pamela Irongrasp Dohn (Commoner 2)
    Reputation: Barmaid, brunette, wears glasses, loves children
    Daughter of Seargent Odarn Irongrasp (Blue Cloaks). Pamela is co-owner of Out of the Blue. She met Rhynn while working as a barmaid at Bucky’s. They opened OotB after Rhynn retired from adventuring and got married. She treats all of the employees at OotB like family, and many of them live on the premisis. Since the attacks she has become protective of her surving children. She recently allowed Rhynn to come out of adventuring retirement to stop the attacks on their respective families.
  • Kilerest the Carver (Expert 6) (Expert 6)
    Reputation: Master Carpenter, hard working, expensive but well worth it
    Born in the Common District, the poorest section of Alden Minor, Kilerest was apprenticed to a carpenter early in life. Throughout his apprenticeship, Kilerest spent his free time collecting wood near the docks until he had enough to fashion a small home for his parents. This was but the first of many homes he built. His structures stand all about the Blue Boot and Newtown districts, a testiment of his skill as a craftman. He enjoys his work and always goes the extra mile for his customers.

Profiteers: (Imports and Exports)
This is a loose-knit group of ship owners that travel together for protection. All the ships in the Profiteers fly a gold flag with a black eagle on it.

  • Hissuan Maldunne: (Expert 5 Fighter 4)
    Reputation: Pirate, excellent ship handler
    This powerfuly built man is leader of the Profiteers. Hissuan is the captain of the Floating Glory II.

Specialty Potions: (Potions and Alchemical Goods)
This is the place to find all types of potions and alchemical goods.

  • Salivin the Alchemist: (Mage 4 Alchemist 6)
    Reputation: Highly intelligent, eccentric, powerful mage
    Salivin opened this shop in 1362 DR. He has been known to run specials on certain types of potions when he finds himself overstocked. As he is always seeking special ingredients, and is known to pay well, he is one of the biggest job suppliers at the Adventurers Guild.

Tankard’s Tear: (Tavern and Inn)

  • Alissaria the Beautiful: (Bard 11)
    Rep Beautiful singer, very jealous, struggling businesswoman, uses magic to look younger
    Alissaria has owned “The Tankard’s Tear” since her father passed away in 1353 DR. She trained as a bard in Raven’s Bluff. Unlike many bards, she has chosen to stay in one location. In the last few years here bar has gone through many changes. In the past she rarely let other bards perform at her establishment. Three things have challenged her way of thinking: the quick rise of church of Milil, whom she is not a follower of; her chief competitor, Bucky’s Lost Sword, built an addition onto their bar that included a stage for local performers; Lastly The Tipsy Tarrasque has started to take more business away from her. A lot of her patrons started going to Bucky’s and/or “Tarrasque” for the variety. She has in the last year tried to add variety of new new talent and win some of her customers back so for it has been a tough struggle. Her Inn is still doing well, and this is how most people think she stays in business

The Tipsy Tarrasque: (Tavern/Inn)

  • Sadrid the InnKeeper: (Expert 9)
    Reputation: Great person, always willing to listen
    Sadrid is the owner of the newest tavern/inn “The Tipsy Tarrasque”. He is a nice person that is easy to talk too.

Townsfolk and Miscellaneous Others:

Gwenith Kinston: (Commoner 5 Bard 1)
Reputation: Town gossip, knows a lot about a lot of people, talks to much, troublemaker
Gwenith is the town gossip. She is known thoughout the city as such. She spends most of her time talking to anyone and everyone about anyone and everyone. Several of the opinions expressed here are hers. Some townfolks don’t like the fact that she talks about them. However, they have found it impossible to stop her.

Staven Brightline: (Aristocrat 4)
Reputation: Art collector, connoisseur of the finer things, wealthy, great appraiser
Staven is a wealthy art collector who often throws parties for the upper class. He is also known as one of the top appraiser of items in the city.

Knightly Orders:

“The Knights of the Harmonious Order”
Rep: Holy warriors of Milil, helpful, nice, overly religious, heroes of the “War of the Yellow Mask”
During the beginning of the “War of the Yellow Mask”, Waterdeep sent a contingent of knights to defend the temple of Mill after the high priest had a vision. After the war was fought some of the warriors decided to remain in Alden Minor.

  • Sir Na Jaiur of the Harmonious Order: (KHO) (Fighter 4 Cleric 3 Knight of the Harmonious Order 4)
    Reputation: Vibrant warrior, also known as the rainbow knight, fearless leader of the Alden Minor division of the “The Knights of the Harmonious Order”
    Na Jaiur wears a robe that is woven with all the colors of the rainbow, it shimmers in direct sunlight. He carries 2 short swords and plays the pipes. Some say that he can create beautiful music for anything he sees.
  • Sir Galthimis of the Harmonious Order: (KHO) (Bard 12)
    Reputation: Party Animal, drunkard, plays a wild mandolin
    Galthimis is a partier, he enjoys a good drink, good music, and good times, more than any other member of the Order. Galthimis can be found at the temple or at “Bucky’s”.
  • Sir Paldi Fondbow of the Harmonious Order: (KHO)(Ranger 9)
    Reputation: Archer, kind, sings from the heart.
    Paldi is new to the Order he has only been with then the last year. He is one of the best archers in the city even for his young age. Taimend and he have for the past year both tried to out do one another. Neither one seem to be able to get the upper hand.
  • Sir Gabriel of the Harmonious Order: (KHO) (Fighter 5 Knight of the Harmonious Order 6)
    Reputation: Nicest man you will ever meet, very knightly, man of his word
    Gabriel is a knight in every since of the word. He is known for his goodness. Gabriel is almost a saint among men
  • Sir Yelkkan GoldFeathers of the Harmonious Order: (KHO) (Bard 10)
    Reputation: Vocalist, bard, flashy, bigoted
    Yelkkan joined the Order about three summers ago. He has been singing in both of the cities taverns He is one of the few bards that Alissiara allows to play at her club on a continual basis. Some say they are very close. Yelkkan also is known for the fact that he once sang the “The Tale of the Dumb Dwarf” he thought it would be take for the satire that it is, but the dwarves present took offense and ever since many hold bad feelings for the bard

Mercenary and Adventuring Groups

Blades of Grace
Reputation: Retired adventuring band,
The blades where a famous adventuring band 40 years ago. Many bard songs tell tales of their high adventures. The tales also include their long-standing rivalry with the “Warlords of the Bloody Rose”

  • Roaraidan TruePeace: (BG) (Paladin 10)
    Reputation: Older Paladin, leader of the Blades, honest
    Roaraiddan was the leader of the famous “Blades of Grace” he know walks with a cane and is no longer as agile as he was in his younger years.
  • Thaygin Brightsphere: (BG) (?)
    Reputation: Healer, Non-human, outlander, winged warrior, demon
    Thaygin was a member of the famous “Blades of Grace”.

Blades of Justice

Hammers of Justice

Keepers of the Gnarled Tooth
Reputation: Mean, get the job done adventurers, expensive, dangerous, violent, tough.
Baracus and his team moved their headquarters from Baldur’s Gate to Alden Minor in 1364 DR. They gave no explanation, but many believe they where run out of town. They own a warehouse by the docks. It is a run down building to look at, but all the locals know that it is heavily fortified and trapped against any unwanted intrusions. The group does almost any mission if the price is right. They are known for not being a very friendly bunch. On the rare occasion they do go out they normally end up at Bucky’s and they usually end up in trouble.

  • Baracus Bloodwraith: (KGT) (Fighter 17)
    Reputation: Mean, killer, leader, not someone to mess with, seasoned warrior
    Baracus is the leader of this hard lined adventuring group. He is known for being mean and argumentative. Baracus demands respect from any that have the guts to talk to him. He seems to dislike everyone that he has ever met.
  • Jask Firebrand: (KGT) (Cleric of ? 18)
    Reputation: Dangerous, cleric of some dark god, evil, huge, murderer
    Jask is a holy man, but he seems to keep his deity a secret. He is a very mysterious individual. He dresses in black armor that covers him from head to toe. He stands about 6’7 and is muscular. For the longest he was thought to be just a fighter until he healed a man, that one of the others injured. He said that he did it so that they wouldn’t have to go to jail for murdering him. The poor man turned up dead a week later.
  • Lady Phoenix: (KGT) (Mage 10 Rouge 2)
    Reputation: Mysterious, dangerous, mean, violent, war-mage, drow female
    Phoenix joined the “Keeper’s about 2 years ago. She joined when two of the old members of the “Keeper’s” didn’t return from a battle. She was apart of a pirate band, but she now works for Baracus. Phoenix wears a mask that covers her face, and a body suit that cover her entire body. She is known for being quick to throw offensive magic. She one time emptied out Bucky’s and made most of the patrons sick for several days, because she got mad. Taimend says that her scar’s are far worse that his and that she frightens even him. But every one knows that she is one of those evil drow.
  • Taimend Darkbow: (KGT) (Ranger 9 Rogue 6)
    Reputation: Scary, psychotic, disfigured, disgusting
    Taimend is a fighter of great strength, but is best know for his bow ability. He is scared down the right side of his face, it looks like the skin was burned off. Smart people avoid him, or are scared by him. He is the worst member of the “Keeper’s”
  • Raitalist Dohn: (KGT) (Fighter 17 Cleric of ? 2)
    Reputation: Evil, child killer
    Raitalist is in someway related to Rhynn Dohn of the “Hammer’s Of Justice”. The two men have had a stormy past. Raitalist recently joined the Keeper’s as a member
  • Old Man Kensmith: (KGT) (Fighter 4 Mage 11)
    Reputation: Abused, butler, slave, helpful, only trustworthy person in that house, very pleasant
    Kensmith is the butler of the “Keeper’s”, when they are out on adventures he watches their home. He is seen often running errands around town. He never says anything unkind about his masters, but then again he hardly ever talks about them.
  • Tito: (KGT) (Cleric of Lathander 7)
    Reputation: He is a badger, most think he is a pet or mascot
    At one time Tito was a human man, He was captured by one of his enemies a very powerful lich. Who tortured and transformed the young cleric into his present form. He is always close to Raitalist and the two are the best of friends.

“Warlords of the Bloody Rose”
Reputation: Retired adventuring band,

  • Grand Sorcerer Kilveress Morose: (WBR) (Sorcerer 14)
    Reputation: Leader of the Warlords, mighty sorcerer, wise sage
    Kilveress is the leader of the famous “Warlords of the Bloody Rose”
  • Megdan the Whisper: (Rouge 12)
    Reputation: Thief, coward, mighty adventurer
    Megdan was a member of the famous “Warlords of the Bloody Rose”.
  • Gladius: (Fighter 13)
    Reputation: mighty adventurer
    Gladius was a member of the famous “Warlords of the Bloody Rose”.

Other Locales/Groups and Individuals of Note

Ghost: (Rouge 10)
Reputation: Ex-adventurer, old warrior, bitter old man, and storyteller
Ghost the only name that anyone knows to call him, is a retired veteran of many battles. He spends a great deal of his time telling local children, stories about himself.

Hailius the Hunter: (Ranger 13)
Reputation: Ranger, hunter, tracker, loner, talks to animals and plants, killed a bear with his bear hands, dirty
Hailius is a quiet man, who never enters the city. He has been seen on the end of town several times. He sometimes will stop by the outlying farms and buy food or supplies. He disappeared for almost two years during the “War of the Yellow Mask” those who have seen him say he looks better now than he did before the war. Many view him as a hero of the war.

Jiggles the Fool: (Sorcerer 2 Commoner 4) Reputation: Insane, buffoon, weird, thief, and a useless member of society Jingles was at one time a aspiring mage. Rumors say that in a spell casting mishap his mind was permanently scrambled

Ozwinbourne: (Mage 18)
Reputation: Powerful mage, very competitive, eerie, mad, abuses his magical powers
Ozwinbourne is retired adventuring wizard, he has a built a tower on the north side of town. He is in town some of the time and calls this his summer retreat. He has been known to appear in certain places out of thin air.

Spang: (Commoner 2)
Reputation: friendly man, drunkard
Spang is everybody’s friend, he can be found almost anywhere in the city and he knows just about everybody. Once he is told your name or has been introduced he never forgets you he is highly inquisitive, and most think he is brilliant. He spends allot of time just walking about and he always welcomes company..