Hammers of Justice

Hardy adventurers, quick of wit and strong of spell and sword, available for short or long term contracts. Based in Alden Minor, but willing to travel. Pay to commiserate with risk and duration of mission.

  • Goods and personnel safeguarded
  • Lost artifacts and property reclaimed
  • Reconnaissance gathered
  • Damsels saved
  • Slaves liberated
  • Hostages rescued
  • Dragons slain
  • Destinies fulfilled

We have destroyed the undead, dispersed bands of thugs, executed murderous clans of gnolls and hobgoblins, massacred gargoyles, slaughtered beholders, overwhelmend mind flayers, vanquished magical abominations, and slain dragons.

What can we do for you? Interested parties leave detailed message with the Adventurer’s Guild in Alden Minor.  References available upon request.


  • Ashimar Arikel Aleanrahel, aka Ashe of Sune
    Male Human Cleric of Sune X/Mystic Wanderer X
    Played by Steve Cline
  • Natty of the Ghost Tribe
    Male Human Ranger 10/Deepwood Sniper 2/Divine Archer 2
    Played by Jeff Bolger
  • Rhynn Dohn of Alden Minor (Recently returned from Retirement)
    Male Human Fighter 8/Sorcerer 6
    Played by Skip Clarke
  • Thorn Galanodel of the Forest of the North 
    Male Sun Elf Wizard (Arcane Craftsman Concept) 6/Arcane Trickster 7/Mindbender 1/Rogue 3
    Played by Brian Stephenson


  • Melinor
    Male Wood Elf Fighter 6/Ranger 1/Devoted Defender 5
    Cohort of Thorn Galanodel
  • Mikita Le Ming
    Male Wood Elf Monk 12
    Played by Martin Stringer
  • Prick – Destroyed
    Advanced Homunculus 6
    Creation of Thorn Galanodel
  • Sky Striker and Wind Dancer
    Awakened Celestial Eagles
    Animal Companions of Natty
  • Vasilij Maksimov Zaitsev Dorogoi 
    Male Human Cleric of Hoar 14
    Played by Dave Bang


  • Calmert of Bear – Ascended 
    Male Human Cleric of Bear (formerly of Tempus) 1/Fighter4

    Formerly Played by Dave Bang
  • Kalendar – Deceased
    Male Wood Elf Ranger 8
    Formerly Played by Martin Stringer
  • Kylverin – Joined the forces of Evil in his quest for personal power
    Male Aasimar Bard/Sorcerer
    Played by Steve Cline
  • Teeny of Alden Minor – Retired
    Male Mul Fighter 15/Cleric of Lathander 1
    Formerly Played by Dave Bang
  • Thaylin of Everlund – Deceased
    Male Half-Elf Rogue 9/Vigilante 4
    Formerly Played by Skip Clarke


  • Azuric Fang – Wandering
    Male Human Cleric of Mystra 14
    Formerly Played by David Cline
  • Daigian Longsight – Wandering
    Male Human Cleric of Shaundakul 6/Devoted Disciple 4/Ranger 1/Windwalker 3
    Formerly Played by David Cline
  • Ezgadi of Lathander – Deceased
    Ghaele 14
    Played by David Cline
  • Findle of the Forest of the North – Deceased
    Male Wood Elf Monk 3
    Formerly Played by Martin Stringer
  • Melody – Deceased
    Female Human Expert 6
    Formerly Played by David Cline
  • Ozwinbourne of Alden Minor
    Male Human Wizard 9
    Formerly Played by David Cline
  • Raitalist Dohn of Padathaway 
    Male Human Fighter X
    Formerly Played by David Cline
  • Tunnel Rat of Alden Minor
    Male Human Rogue 8
    Formerly Played by David Cline


The Hammers of Justice was a 3e Dungeons & Dragons campaign run by Dave “Invy” Cline, set in the Forgotten Realms city of Alden Minor (itself a creation of Invy).  More information to come as I recover the campaign information from the DM and players.