The Outsiders

The Outsiders is an AD&D campaign run by Skip Clarke.  The campaign arc will be the campaign created by the three classic linked AD&D “super modules”:

  • T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil
  • A1-4: Scourge of the Slave Lords
  • GDQ1-7: Queen of Spiders

The campaign has migrated from using my Simplified 2e ideal (the project had to be put aside), to using Pathfinder.  The 2e AD&D rule set held a very narrow and xenophobic racial view.  Only a handful of races where allowed (even half-orcs from 1e were removed), and most of them were very distrusting of each other.

In the Outsiders version of Greyhawk, races such as tiefling, genasi and drow are known.  While they will most certainly be looked on with suspicion, the inhabitants of Oerth won’t brandish pitchforks on sight.

The Outsiders are:

  • Barakas (Royce Roemsich): Tiefling Fighter.
  • Jozy Vistani (Jeff Bolger): Drow Bard/Cleric, raised by a Vistani Drow mother in Ravenloft.
  • Pike (Ernie Lewis): Gnome Thief/Illusionist.  For some reason, known as “Ike”.
  • Ria Anh Dohn (Skip Clarke): Fire Genasi Fighter/Sorcerer.  Grand-daughter of Rhynn Dohn (from Hammers of Justice campaign).

Additional NPCs:

  • Wynne “The Wanderer” (Skip Clarke): Halfling Cartographer/Guide, originally from Mordent (Ravenloft).