Places of Note


The erratic growth of Alden Minor has led to an abundance of narrow, winding streets in its older districts (streets ranging from only 5’ to 10’ across, really only wide enough for foot traffic). In recent history, forward-thinking guild members enacted certain zoning regulations, dividing the city into districts, dividing the districts into wards, then further diving the wards into blocks. As a result, the newest districts tend to be a bit more open and well organized (streets up to 20’ across, easily suitable for foot or vehicle traffic).

There are rarely visible boundaries between any two districts, just a subtle change in the bordering architecture and quality of the connecting road. Despite this, most of the populace knows when they cross from one area to another.

Herein lies an overview of each district. Each of these locations will be examined more closely in later sections.

The Blue Boot District
The area around the entrance to the Blue Boot Dwarven Hall is considered the Blueboot District, as most of the homes in the immediate vicinity are owned by dwarves. Most of these residents have lived here since Clan Blueboot officially joined the city of Alden Minor in 1365 DR. After a recent merge with Clan Ivory Hold, they are in the middle of a population boom. They specialize in the production of oils and have recently begun exporting pottery as well. The dwarven and human population have integrated very well with many skill craftsman training together.
Locations of Note:

    • Blue Boot Hall
    • Charging Unicorn Hall (Tavern/Inn)
    • Crossroads Clubhouse (Tavern/Inn)
    • Howling Hunter Taproom (Tavern)
    • The Tipsy Tarrasque (Tavern)

Common District
This shantytown hides in the relative safety of the area south of the Docks.

The Docks
The docks are located to the far west. Scores of fishing boats and many large ships are moored here on a daily basis. Aside from providing a large fishing economy, the Docks are well known as a place to seek entertainment and lodging.
Locations of Note:

  • Blue Sail Headquarters (Navy)
  • Bucky’s Lost Sword (Tavern/Inn)
  • Full Belly Inn (Tavern/Inn)
  • Gaynor Shipping Company
  • Hammer Mansion (Headquarters of the Hammers of Justice)
  • Jovial Beggar Barroom (Tavern)
  • Office of the Dock Master
  • The Shipyard
  • Shrine of Umberlee
  • Staggering Troll Resthouse (Inn)
  • Winking Harpy Barroom (Tavern)

The Government District
The center of the city is the location of The House of Lords, the ruling government of the city. Surrounding it are a number of other government offices, most notably the City Jail. Just outside the jail is a pair of stocks, an executioner’s chopping block, and a gallows. Aside from their use as criminal punishment, these areas also serve as public entertainment. It is not uncommon to see people throwing overripe produce at those in the stocks or shouting and jeering at those condemned to die.
Locations of Note:

  • Blue Cloak Headquarters (Town Guard)
  • Blue Lance Headquarters (Militia)
  • City Jail
  • Department of Cleansing
  • House of Lords

The Guild District
In the north are the various guilds of the city. The Fighter’s Guild is sometimes considered the first line of defense against incursions of monsters from the Troll Hills.
Locations of Note:

  • Angry Demon Tavern (Tavern)
  • Adventurer’s Guild (and Thieves’ Guild)
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Ozwinbourne’s Tower
  • Olden Knave Inn (Inn)
  • Seven Arms Taproom (Tavern)
  • Wizard’s Guild

The Graveyard
To the south of the city lies the Graveyard. The various family crypts of the Nobles lie in the northernmost sections. The occupants of the southernmost graves are heroes of the War of the Yellow Mask. A memorial statue commemorates their heroic sacrifice.
Locations of Note:

  • The Noble Crypts
  • The Graveyard
  • Yellow Rose Memorial (Statue)

Mercantile District (commonly referred to as the Fragrant District)
This district suffers from a bit of a misnomer in its nickname. This is the place where craftsmen create wares that create with less than savory fragrant byproducts. It is located in the southeastern section, where the strong coastal winds usually carry the odors away from the main populace.

Surrounding the noble district is what is called Midtown, where most of the population lives. Midtown is also host to the main market and many specialty shops.
Locations of Note:

  • Blue Cloaks Night Watch Headquarters
  • The Adventurer’s Needs (Equipment/Supplies)
  • Adventuring Outfits (Clothing/Tailoring)
  • Aboa’s Shop of Oddities
  • Banquo’s Smithy (Blacksmith)
  • Cadnor’s Stables (Equestrian Supplies and Accessories)
  • Crayton’s Draconic Library
  • Dancing Flask (Tavern; 2 locations)
  • Gavin’s Winery (Winery/Brewery)
  • Gond’s Armor (Armory)
  • Men’s Club (Whorehouse)
  • Mystic Fortunes
  • Mystic Goblin Mean N’ Ale (Tavern)
  • Specialty Potions
  • White Giant Meadhall (Tavern)
  • Winking Harpy Barroom (Tavern)

The Newtown District As Alden Minor continues to grow, homes and businesses are constantly spring up past its protective walls. Most of its recent expansion has been to the east of the Blue Boot District, an area that has been dubbed the Newtown District.
Locations of Note:

  • Alchemist Springs (Potions and Alchemical Goods)
  • Out of the Blue (Inn and Tavern), also known as the Flaming Falchion

The Noble District
Surrounding the Government District are the various noble houses and some of the older temples and shrines.
Locations of Note:

  • Black Squire House (Inn)
  • Blue Lance Headquarters (Special Militia)
  • Gaynor Estate
  • Greston Estate
  • Hadrinn Estate
  • Herron Estate
  • IronClad Estate
  • Redlion Estate
  • Tankard’s Tear (Tavern)
  • Thornhart Estate
  • Tilinor Estate
  • Temple of Chauntea (and Shrine of Silvanus)
  • Temple of Lathander
  • Temple of Helm (and Shrine of Tyr)
  • Temple of Milil (and Shrines of Denier, Oghma, and Waukeen; Headquarters of the Knights of the Harmonious Order)

The Temple District
Located on the southeast edge of town, this district houses the newer temples and shrines. The Temple of Milil houses the Bardic College.
Locations of Note:

  • The Hall of Gods
  • Temple of Milil
  • Temple of Tempus

Extraneous Locations
These are locations that fall outside the previously listed districts but are still close enough to be considered a part of the city.
Locations of Note:

  • Sir Thiden’s Tower
  • College of War (Temple of Tempus, formerly a ruined keep known as Fort Wayne)
  • The Asylum
  • These are locations outside the jurisdiction of Alden Minor, but still close enough to be of interest.
    • Sehanine’s Way – A magical grove dedicated to the elven goddes, Sehanine Moonbow.
    • Thaztilcha – An ancient elven city, now in ruins. Occupied by a group of elves who are intent on keeping the ruins from being further plundered.