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Simplified 2e Launch

12 February 2011 by

I’ve decided to put together a Simplified version of AD&D 2nd Edition, primarily to help streamline my current AD&D campaign – The Outsiders.  This won’t be a complete overhaul, and it won’t be an attempt to re-create AD&D in 3e.  But, it will use the OGL d20 mechanic to make things easier for players and DM alike.  You can get the details at the Simplified 2e page here on Alden Minor.

After years of playing the different versions of Dungeons & Dragons, I am back playing an AD&D campaign.  I always realized the game was complex, but after years of playing 3e/4e and other (d20 OGL games) I’ve finally realized how needlessly complex the AD&D rule set is.

I searched for existing systems or conversions that would simplify the AD&D rules while allowing me to use existing products and adventures.  The most promising were the Microlite20 and Microlite74, which focus on simplified rules and “OD&D flavor”.  However, these rules strip things down too far for my taste, and remove compatibility with the printed AD&D products.  While the AD&D products could be converted for the Microlite system, I have no desire to convert all the products and resources I use.

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