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Old School – The Valarian Chronicles

17 February 2011 by


WILL POST WHEN it is actually updated(currently in progress)

A quick post to update those who been playing the same campaign we played many years ago.

The story so far…..

as far back as I can remember the party enters a village with the idea to take shelter from a brewing storm in the Inn.

Fully clad in adventuring gear, the party walks up and enters the inn, glad to be inside from their travels.  They order food and drink and sit around the table talking and just relaxing.  Soon enough the party is drinking and having a good time.  They spy a medium build man drinking at the bar who is eying the party and their weapons.  The man disengages from his drink, and saunters over to stand in front of one of the party’s fighters, Graston Oldwell.  He speaks with Graston a bit, until Graston becomes agitated.

The party then notices a bear-of-a-man enter the inn, who immediately goes to the bar for a drink.  Graston decides he has had enough and tells the man to back off and the two dwarven fighters in the party (battleragers, yeah in bar…. bad news huh) start to pay more attention to this dude messing with their buddy.

Graston gets up and reaches for his hilt and the man very quickly grabs Graston’s hand and tells him, “You don’t want to do that”.  Graston thinks on that for a second.  Upon hearing the chairs behind and around him begin to slide across the floor (and dwarves beginning to hum), and he sits down.  The man laughs in Graston’s face, turns and heads for the door.

Just as he reaches the door a mug (mostly empty) smacks into the back of his head.  The man whirls around in anger.  Graston looks to see which of his friends tossed the mug  At that point the bear-of-a-man speaks to Graston from his left, “Son, you do not want to antagonize Neil, he is not as nice a person as me.”

At this point the dwarves are eyeing the big guy and the wet one at the door trying to decide which to charge, when Graston speaks up, “No, we will just take this matter up with the Sheriff.”  The big man turn back to the bar laughing and the other man starts to leave when one of the dwarves lobs another mug at the man.  It misses, but it gets the attention of the bear-like man.  He walks over and demands the weapons of the dwarves and Graston.  Graston spurts “No way, you are not the law!”  The man moves back his vest to show the Sheriff emblem.  Graston groans and pulls his bastard sword out and puts it on the table.

A dwarven battlerager charges off after the man at the door as the sheriff picks up Graston’s sword and heads after the dwarves.  A bar brawl is unleashed.  The remaining dwarf charges the Sheriff to be swatted away to slam into the bar, stunning the dwarf.  Graston sighs and enters combat with the bear with only a mug and his shield.  Graston winces each time he blocks the man’s attacks with HIS weapon.  His shield arm is going numb from the force this guy applies in a one handed attack, Graston starts to give ground to the sheriff, moving toward the tables and chairs.

As Graston backs over a chair, then dodges a blow just to see a table broken in half by this man, he is concerned for the well being of his companions.  At the door, he notices that Neil has Gilmor disarmed and down.  Kilru has gotten up and is diving for the Sheriff’s knees.  The Sheriff moves aside quickly and his focus is now on the back-attacking battlerager.

Graston mentally goes over his options and decides only one thing can stop this man.  So, as the Sheriff is knocking the battlerager around casually, Graston jumps onto the Sheriff’s back and grabs the man about the neck with his hands.  The man roars and slams his back into the wall causing Graston to almost blackout.  After what seemed like minutes the Sheriff finally collapses to the floor. Again Graston is crushed by the man falling back onto him.

After some words are exchanged, Neil still has Gilmor at swordpoint and the two groups decide to leave at a standoff.  The party, bruised and wet – but in possession of Graston’s sword – leave town quickly escaping from the frontier town lawman and his friend.

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