Old School – The Valarian Chronicles

17 February 2011 by
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WILL POST WHEN it is actually updated(currently in progress)

A quick post to update those who been playing the same campaign we played many years ago.

The story so far…..

as far back as I can remember the party enters a village with the idea to take shelter from a brewing storm in the Inn.

Fully clad in adventuring gear, the party walks up and enters the inn, glad to be inside from their travels.  They order food and drink and sit around the table talking and just relaxing.  Soon enough the party is drinking and having a good time.  They spy a medium build man drinking at the bar who is eying the party and their weapons.  The man disengages from his drink, and saunters over to stand in front of one of the party’s fighters, Graston Oldwell.  He speaks with Graston a bit, until Graston becomes agitated.

The party then notices a bear-of-a-man enter the inn, who immediately goes to the bar for a drink.  Graston decides he has had enough and tells the man to back off and the two dwarven fighters in the party (battleragers, yeah in bar…. bad news huh) start to pay more attention to this dude messing with their buddy.